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  • Simple pricing structure 

    Several different pricing plans to meet your need whether you are a casual seller or a high volume seller. We have a plan that will meet your needs.

  • Flexible - Sell what you want and set your own prices

    Auctions are time consuming and can be expensive. Set your price and let the collector community work with you directly. No more having to post items on auction sites or social media sites. Do it all in one place and still reach your audience.


Choose Your Seller Plan

FREE - to list - No Listing fee - 10% final valuation fee based on final selling price (plus an applicable credit card/PayPal fees*)
7 images per listing
No Limit on how long an item is listed 
Champion Seller - For large volume sellers - $99 month (or pay $1,000 annually - plus an applicable credit card/PayPal fees*)
No final valuation fees
No image limits
No limit on how long items can be listed
Listed as Featured Store on site for 3 months if paid annually (seller to pick months)
Access to premium areas of the site (Coming  2022)
New - Consignment SHOP - Let Racer Collect manage the sell of your collection. We will photograph & list your items, negotiate with potential buyers and once sold will ship the items for you. We do this for 25% of the final selling price for each item. Reach out to us for more information -

Owner Seller - lifetime membership - $7,500 one time fee
No fees, no limits for LIFE (plus applicable credit card/PayPal fees*)
Listed as Featured Store
Access to premium areas of the site (Coming early 2022)
*All plans will have credit card fees paid by seller - currently they are 3.49%


Easy to Use

Set up a shop in just a few easy steps!



Fully Customizable

Fully customize you store for your customers and products.


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